Hippocrates, commonly referred to as the Father of Medicine was a firm advocate for treating the human body in its entirety not in the separatist approach that modern healthcare has taken. Like Hippocrates, our philosophy at Infinitive Health Wellness Centre is a concept to be applied to all aspects of the self by aiming to “regain and maintain optimal health”.

Our centers provide a teams of highly trained health care professionals from the following fields of healthcare; chiropractic, exercise physiology, psychology, speech pathology, massage therapy, skin therapy, podiatry and dietitian.

New Patient Information

If you have not attended Infinitive Health previously, please advise our receptionist upon booking. We allocate longer appointments to new patients so that the practitioner can discuss any relevant medical history.

Billing policy

Infinitive Health also has Eftpos facilities available for your convenience. Payments through the HICAPS machine allows us to refund your Medicare rebate directly to your debit account at time of billing (where applicable to the practitioner). If you are unsure about our billing schedule or for further information regarding HICAPS, please ask at reception at time of booking.


Infinitive Health Wellness Centre is committed to the health of our patients. This may involve patients returning for preventative health checks. Our medical software allows us to monitor and track when our patients are due for follow up. A reminder letter will be sent to patients regarding PAP smears, mammograms and other tests that may be due. These letters will be mailed to your nominated address giving you plenty of time to make an appointment.

Please advise us if your contact details change to ensure you receive these reminders.

Please bring your Medicare card, any concession cards and payment. If you would like to have your medical records transferred to Infinitive Health, please bring details of your previous GP and/or specialist so that relevant forms can be completed during your visit. If you are coming for a medical or have other forms to be filled out, please bring these also.